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Hellingsworth   Family   Visit

Dutch War Cemetery - Jakarta

Duncan MacDonald   
Jakarta   20  June   2019   

Hellingsworth family

Ereveld Ancol     Hellingsworth family
Stuart, Christine, Peter, Clare,   photographing Peter's father's grave.

Peter Hellingsworth

Ereveld     Ancol
Peter Hellingsworth photographing his father's grave.        

Shinta Stuart Dicky

Shinta,   Bruce McElroy,   Dicky ~ Indonesian Ereveld Supervisor.
The Netherlands War Graves Foundation excelently maintains this cemetery, along with six others in Java. Over 24,000 victims
of the struggle in the Netherlands East-Indies - both civilian and military - are buried in these War Cemeteries.

Hellingzsworth family

Claire,   Peter,  Christine,   Bruce,   Stuart
Daughter Claire is married to Bruce McElroy.

Peter Hellingsworth

Peter Hellingsworth   standing behind his father's grave

Hellinhsworth family

Stuart   Christine   Peter   Claire   Hellingsworth

GNR J R Hellingsworth grave

GNR  J.R. Hellingsworth   grave

Execution tree

Peter Hellingsworth   in front of the Execution Tree

Execution tree

Execution   Tree   ~   The  Japanese  executed  200  people  under  this  tree.

Claire Shinta Peter Stuart

Claire   Shinta   Peter   Stuart

Christine Claifre Shinta Peter

Christine   Claire   Shinta   Peter

Claire Christine Stuart Peter Shinta

Claire   Christine   Stuart   Peter   Shinta

Claire visitors book

Claire   signing Visitors Book   ~   Indonesian Supervisor   Dicky

      The Visitors Book is kept in the same location as the Register of Graves, enabling the easy location of GNR J.R. Hellingsworth final resting place.

Bogor Botanical Gardens

21  June  2019        Bogor   Botanical   Gardens

Stuart   Christine   Claire   Peter   Bruce

Botanical Gardens

Stuart   Christine   Claire   Bruce   Peter

Botanical Gardens

Bruce McElroy   Peter Hellingsworth

Kapok tree

Bruce   Peter       in  front  of  Kapok  tree

Kapok tree

Another   Kapok   tree

Stuart   Peter   Christine   Bruce   Claire

Kapok tree 2

Stuart   Peter   Christine   Bruce   Claire

Kapok tree3

Kapok Tree  -    The fibre is commonly used as stuffing for pillows and mattresses.   The bark is also used in traditional medicine for urinary problems, kidney stones, asthma and dysentery.

Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor   Botanical   Gardens

Bruce   Peter   Stuart   Christine   Claire

Bogor coffee shop
Bogor Coffee Shop

Bogor   Coffee   Shop

Stuart   Peter   Christine   Claire   Bruce

Bogor coffee shop2

Bogor   Coffee   Shop

Claire   Bruce   Stuart

Bogor coffee shop3

Bogor   Coffee   Shop

Claire   Bruce   Stuart   Christine   Peter

Satay House

Jakarta       Senayan   Satay   House   Restaurant

Stuart   Claire   Shinta     Peter   Bruce   Christine


Bruce   Claire   McElroy     in front of   Monas

Monas : (Indonesian - 'Monumen Nasional' - abbreviated)     located in Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, is a 132m (433 ft) monument, built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian Independence   (1945 - 1949).


Peter   Christine   Claire   Bruce   Stuart

Monas construction began in 1961 under the direction of President Sukarno. It was opened to the public in 1975.
The apex is a flame covered in gold foil.


Peter   Christine   Claire   Bruce   Stuart

Monas is topped by a 14.5 ton Flame of Independence. The bronze flame structure is 14 meters high and 6 meters in diameter.
During the 50th anniversary of Indonesian Independence in 1955, the gold foil was recoated and increased from 35kg to 50kg.


Clair   in front of  Diponegoro statue

Prince Diponegoro (1785-1855) led a popular uprising against the Dutch between 1825 and 1830.
He is regarded as a national hero, a pious Muslim and a Javanese mystic. He was the grandson of Yogyakarta's first Sultan - but ended his life exiled in a squalid, hot, prison at Fort Rotterdam in Makassar (eastern Sulawesi).

Kali Besar

Christine   Peter   Claire   Bruce   Stuart
Kali Besa - (the Grand River) :   In the 17th century ships sailed along a canal to Kali Besar where unloading and ship repairs were done in a dockyard. However, due to deposits of sand in the estury and increased size of ships this was eventually discontinued.

Kali Besar

Shinta   Peter   Christine   Stuart
In the 19th century numberous buildings located in the VOC (Dutch East India Company) area of Kali Besar, are of European architecture and many tourists are attracted to this historic neighbourhood.

 Kali Besar3

Blue Bird bus driver   Christine   Stuart   Muhidin (Shinta's driver)   Peter   Bruce   Claire
Kali Besar was seen as an elite residential area in the 18th century and later transformed to become the central area of offices for international trading.

Fountain Lounge

22 June 2019 :   Bruce   Duncan   Shinta   Christine   Claire   Peter   Stuart
Fountain Lounge, Grand Hyatt Hotel  -  background:   celebrations for Jakarta's 492nd Birthday.
Jakarta Birthday:   The earliest mention of what is now Jakarta, is in the 12th century, when referred to as Sunda Kalupa, because of its export of coconut, or kalupa. It was the principal harbour for the Javanese Hindu kingdom of Sunda, the capital of which, Pakuan, was located 60km upstream at what is now Bogor (named after the now extinct palm - Bagor). However, an Islamic warrior from the Sultanate of Demak (central north coast of Java) named Fatahilla  , conquered Hindu Sunda Kalupa   on 22 June 1527 - the day Jakarta now celebrates as its Birthday.
He renamed the port Jayakarta    which means 'glorious victory' in Sanskrit.

In 1612 the Dutch took sole possession of Jayakarta   and renamed it Batavia   - in honour of a Roman era Germanic tribe, called the Batavi  , ancestors of the Dutch people.
One decree the Japanese made when they invaded Java in 1942 turned out to be beneficial: Batavia   was renamed Jakarta  , a version of the old Jayakarta   .

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