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Grenoble 1

30 March 2016 - Forte de la Bastille

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  24  April   2016   
Grenoble hotel

        Grenoble Novotel Hotel                                           Grenoble

Cable car

                Cable car to Bastille                                                   Grenoble

Grenoble Bastille

Grenoble - Forte de la Bastille

Fort de la Bastille

Fort de la Bastille

  In 1823 Lieutenant-General Haxo presented the plans for the Bastille fortress at a time when Grenoble was once again becomming an important post on the Alpine border. Twenty-five-years later, the men of Commander Tournadre's battalion of engineers finished off the defensive structure.

The new fortress was invincible.

Shinta  Duncan from Bastille

Shinta and Duncan from the Bastille

Grenoble from Bastille

Grenoble from the Bastille

Shinta Bastille

    Shinta at Bastille

Shinta Duncan on Bastille

Shinta on the Bastille                                                    Shinta and Duncan