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Grenoble 3

1 April 2016 - Graduation

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  17  April   2016   
Grenoble Shinta MBAs

Shinta meeting Indonesian friends                   Shinta with Indonians MBAs - Stade des Alps

Stade des Alps

Stade des Alps ~ 6pm 8°C                                       Shinta leading Indonesian graduates & families

Shinta graduation

        Shinta with other Indonesian MBA graduates                                                 Shinta

Shinta graduation

                Shinta                                               Shinta with Indonesian MBAs and families

Shinta graduation

          Shinta and Duncan                             Shinta Dewi Sanawiya - name up in lights


  University of Grenoble Graduate students awaiting opening ceremony in Stade des Alps

Shinta MBA

Shinta inside where it's warm         Shinta - Executive MBA France (Uni of Grenoble), to go with her MM, Master of Management (Uni of Indonesia), and SE,As, Batchelor of Economics - Insurance (Trisakti Uni)