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Paris 1

2 April 2016

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  17  April   2016   

by train to Paris   ~   Saint-Laurent-d'Andenay


by train to Paris   ~   Malay-le-Petit

Shinta arrive Paris

            Shinta arrives in Paris outside Gare du Nord                       Lots of bikes - but not as many as Amsterdam


At a rough guess, I thought about 40% of the people I saw in Paris came from North Africa

Holiday Inn Paris

                  Paris - Holiday Inn                                     View from hotel room

Shinta Eiffel Tower

              Paris - Eiffel Tower                                 Ambar, Kiki, Shinta   at Eiffel Tower

Shinta soldiers

             Shinta                                                   Armed French soldiers patroling Eiffel area

Shinta Eiffel tower

        Eiffel ducks                                                 Shinta                                       Eiffel Tower

Shinta Paris by night

        Shinta - photos with iPhone                                         Paris by night