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7 April 2016 - Delft - The Hague, South Holland

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  21  April   2016   

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Shinta Amsterdam

Shinta, Pujo, Kiki, Ambar - Tours & Tickets, Damrak 26             Amsterdam tourists, Damrak

Delft churches

Delft - Oude Kerk (Old Church) Founded in 1246 its 75-meter-high
brick tower leans two meters from vertical. Approx 400 people are
entombed, including painter Johannes Vermeer (1653)

Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) founded 1496. The church tower is second higest
in the Netherlands (109-meters). Members of the House of Orange-Nassau have
been entombed in the royal crypt. The latest are Queen Juliana and her husband
Prince Bernhard (2004)

Delft Shinta

    Delft - Shinta at market between New Church and Old Church

Hugo Grotius (1583-1645) A legal scholar & philosopher born in Delft,
wrote on Freedom and the Ocean, the right to defend ourselves and
compensation for injuries inflicted by an adversary. Much of todays
International Law and the United States Constitution, is heavily
influenced by Grotius writings

Delft pottery Shinta

Shinta at Delft coffee shop    

Delftware or Delft Blue pottery, is blue and white pottery
made in and around Delft, from the 16th century

Hague Shinta Duncan

The Hague - Shinta in front of the Peace Palace                     Shinta and Duncan