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Umroh - Jakarta to Jeddah

15 May 2013

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta   14  June   2013   

The beginning of our very well organised tour, by Al Amin Tours, to Jeddah, Makkah and Medinah.

Click on enlarge under the photo to see a larger image.

Shinta & Duncan
1: Shinta & Duncan leaving on a jet plane to Jeddah-enlarge
Garuda 747
2: Garuda 747-800 to Jeddah-enlarge
3: Shinta sleeping, well it is a 9 hour flight after all-enlarge
Saudi Arabia
4: Saudi Arabia @ 38,000ft 11,600m -enlarge
Saudi Arabia
5: Glorious countryside -enlarge
Saudi Arabia
6: Saudi Arabia late afternoon-enlarge
7: Lady in seat 4A now awake -enlarge
Saudi Arabia
8: There's life down there somewhere -enlarge
Saudi Arabia
9: I know it must be good for something. I just haven't figgered out what enlarge
10: Jeddah by the Red Sea-enlarge
Jeddah airport
11: Jeddah airport-enlarge
Jeddah air terminal
12: Jeddah Haj Terminal -enlarge


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