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Umroh - Makkah - 10

19 May 2013 - Final Morning in Makkah

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  19  June   2013   

      A final visit to the Ka'ba before travelling to Madinah. Shinta & I completed a further seven cirles of the Ka'ba. Shinta & most of the group then made their way through the throng to kiss the Ka'ba.
      I declined on the basis I did not want to kiss anything that had been kissed by a couple of million other people in the last few of weeks, let alone expose myself to corona virus. So I sat on the edge of the mosque & took the photos below.

Click on enlarge under the photo to see a larger image.

1: Gathering at Ka'ba-enlarge
2: Ka'ba with Maqam-e-Ibrahim (Abraham's footprints) on the right-enlarge
3: Ka'ba-enlarge
4: Ka'ba-enlarge
5: Ka'ba-enlarge
6: Ka'ba -enlarge
7: Ka'ba Arabic script - up close & personal-enlarge
8: Pilgrims around the Ka'ba-enlarge
Grand Mosque
9: Grand Mosque -enlarge
Red beard

10: This pilgrim has an orange beard. I noticed a number of men & some women with orange hair/beards. I'm advised it means; i) He/she has been on haj before; ii) it is a custom in some areas of Pakistan; iii) our Guide Abdullah said 'Muslims are only allowed to use Henna if they wish to thicken their hair' - I'll run with that. Of course I could have just asked the pilgrim. -enlarge

11: Grand Mosque maintenance man - cleaning the light fittings-enlarge
12: More maintenance -enlarge
Al Amin Tour Group
14: Shinta & Duncan with the Al Amin Tour Group before leaving Hilton Hotel for Madinah-enlarge


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