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Umroh - Jeddah- 3

22 May 2013 -   To see the Mosque by the Sea

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  6  July   2013   

      We check out the unique Mosque by the Sea

Click on enlarge under the photo to see a larger image.

Jeddah Hilton
31: Hilton Hotel Lobby -enlarge
Shinta lobby
32: Shinta in Hilton lobby - ready to leave -enlarge
Shinta Hilton
33: Shinta at Hilton lobby checking packing - including those dates from Madinah -enlarge
34: So it's bye-bye Hilton Hotel -enlarge
Sun dial Jeddah
35: This has got to be the Ultimate Sun Dial -enlarge
unloved Mercedes
36: Even Mercedes can be Unloved -enlarge
37: Jeddah panorama-enlarge
38: Jeddah development-enlarge
Mosque by the sea
39: Mosque by the sea-enlarge
40: Jeddah - the High and the Low -enlarge
41: Jeddah beach front -enlarge
42: Jeddah beach goers-enlarge
43: Jeddah - surf, sand, and seagulls -enlarge
44: Mosque by the Sea -enlarge
45: Jeddah Mosque by the Sea- -enlarge
16: Jeddah Mosque by the Sea-enlarge
Shinta Jeddah
47: Shinta by the sea -enlarge
Shinta Duncan Jeddah
48: Duncan, Shinta and friends - Mosque by the Sea-enlarge
Shinta Jeddah
49: Shinta snapping photos with her handphone-enlarge
Shinta Jeddah
50: Shinta: No, move a little to the left -enlarge
Al Amin tour group
51: Some of the Al Amin tour group -enlarge
Shinta Jeddah
52: Shinta: Here's your handphone back Pak -enlarge
Shinta Jeddah
53: Shinta smile for the camera-enlarge
Shinta Jeddah
54: Shinta - It's handphones at three paces -enlarge
Shinta Jeddah
55: Ardhin Dhita and Shinta -enlarge
56: Dhita and Ardhin -enlarge
Shinta Jeddah
57: Shinta taking Dhita and Ardhin's photo-enlarge


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