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Umroh - Madinah - 4

20 May 2013 - Prophet's Mosque at night

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  27  June   2013   

      A different atmosphere at night

Click on enlarge under the photo to see a larger image.

1: Prophet's Mosque late afternoon. Umbrellas are up -enlarge
2: Mosque at night. Umbrellas are furled-enlarge
Shinta Madinah
3: Shinta, Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
Shinta mosque
4: Shinta at the Prophet's Mosque at night-enlarge
Duncan Madinah
5: Duncan at Mosque of the Prophet-enlarge
Shinta Mosque
6: Shinta at the mosque-enlarge
Shinta mosque
7: Shinta at the mosque-enlarge
Duncan mosque
8: Duncan at Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
9: Mosque at night-enlarge
Shinta mosque
10: Shinta with her red 'shoe bag'-enlarge
madinah mosque
11: Mosque doors-enlarge
Mosque door
12: Gold plated mosque door-enlarge
Duncan mosque
13: Duncan at Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
14: The Moon and the Mosque-enlarge
Shinta mosque
15: Shinta at Prophet's Mosque 7:45pm- -enlarge
16: Hotels next to Prophet's Mosque-enlarge
Madinah gold shop
17: Madinah gold shop-enlarge
Shinta mosque
18: Shinta at Phrophet's Mosque-enlarge


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