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Umroh - to Makkah

16 May 2013 - afternoon

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta   15  June   2013   

The bus ride from Jeddah to Makkah took about 2 hours.

Click on enlarge under the photo to see a larger image.

to Mekkah
1: Bus leaving Jeddah Hilton for Makkah-enlarge
to Makkar bus drivers view
2: Bus drivers view-enlarge
to Makkar
3: The sign probably says "Keep Out" -enlarge
4: Radio telescopes -enlarge
to Makkah
5: to Makkah-enlarge
to Makkah
6: Road side stopover-enlarge
to Makkah
7: Many hight tension cable towers across the country-enlarge
to Makkah
8: Old buses used for the Haj -enlarge
to Makkah
9: This is a hard rocky country enlarge
to Makkah
10: Eight lane highway. That's not rain, its dust-enlarge
to Makkah
11: Sand, sand everywhere & not a drop to drink -enlarge
to Makkah
12: Oh, apart from the sand, there are rocks too -enlarge



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