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Umroh - to Madinah - 4

19 May 2013 - Comfort Stop, then on to Madinah

Duncan MacDonald  
Jakarta  22  June   2013   

      The country improves slightly as we near Madinah

Click on enlarge under the photo to see a larger image.

to Madinah
87: Comfort stop on way to Madinah -enlarge
to Madinah
88: Everyone needs an Emmy-enlarge
to Madinah
89: time to stretch one's legs-enlarge
to Madinah
90: Whistle stop-enlarge
to Madinah
91: Fast food Saudi style -enlarge
Shinta rejoins bus
92: Shinta rejoins the bus -enlarge
to Madinah
93: The boys having a smoko-enlarge
Saudi Red Cresent
94: Saudi Red Crescent Authority-enlarge
bus to Madinah
95: Our bus leaves on final leg to Madinah-enlarge
to Madinah
96: Dry creek bed-enlarge
to Madinah
97: Camel enclosure-enlarge
to Madinah
98: to Madinah-enlarge
Sasco service station
99: Sasco service station-enlarge
to Madinah
100: Open country-enlarge
to Madinah
101: to Madinah - -enlarge
to Madinah
102: Flat country with far away hills-enlarge
to Madinah
103: Off-road vehicle -enlarge
to  Madinah
104: Classy accommodation -enlarge
to Madinah
105: another dry gulley-enlarge
Police  station
106: Police station -enlarge
to Madinah
107: Volcanic cone near Madinah-enlarge


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